Disneyland California Adventure – Making the Most of Your Vacation

Disneyland California Adventure – Making the Most of Your Vacation

July 22, 2021 Off By Alissa Burris

Disneyland California Adventure – Making the Most of Your Vacation

Disneyland California Adventure Park, also commonly called Disneyland Resort or by its bigger-name acronym DCA, is an amusement park based in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. It’s owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company via its multiple Parks, Experiences and Products division, although the name is used for other theme parks and districts around the globe. It’s known for its Cars Land and Space Mountain, and is the largest resort of its kind in the western hemisphere.

A trip to Disneyland Resort is not complete without a visit to its popular Disneyland Park. One of the biggest attractions at Disneyland Resort is Disneyland Park itself, with its signature Disneyland Quest. Here, you’ll find more than a dozen rides, games and attractions. Among them are the popular Alice in Wonderland roller coaster, Goofy’s Space Adventure, Mission Space, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, plus several others. For kids and adults alike, these attractions are filled with adventure and fun. In addition, there’s always something to do at Disneyland Park whether you like rides and games or stroll around the theme park itself.

But what fun is there in visiting Disneyland if you don’t see some of its biggest and most popular attractions? That’s where the famous Magic Hour attraction comes into play! It’s located on Hollywood Boulevard in Downtown Disneyland, and is where guest can get treated to a one-of-a-kind show featuring popular artists and entertainers. It features celebrities such as Billy Joel, Smokey Balboa, J.J. Johnson and numerous other popular singers and entertainers. It also features some of your favorite Disney Cars characters: Boomer and Tex, Eccentric Auntie Anne, and Granny the Frog.

Another must-visit attraction in the Hollywood area is Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which is perhaps the most exciting place to visit with kids. It features both land and water for guests to explore. Among the exciting attractions here are The Explorer’s Zoo, The Polar Bear Film Festival, and The Grizzly Bear Playhouse. The Grizzly Bear Playhouse is a two-story jungle gym where little ones can pretend to be bears. The main attraction, however, is the Smokejumpers Grill, which offers customers a chance to “smoke” in the jungle. Of course, the best part of this place is the opportunity to meet some of Disney’s most beloved and famous characters – including Buzz Lightyear, Syndrome, and Minnie Mouse.

For those who love shopping, there are two great shopping malls to visit in the Hollywood Hills. There is Disneyland Vista Hotel, which features a huge retail giant called The Cheesecake Factory, and the adjacent California Adventure Park. Both parks feature a wide array of dining options as well as movie tickets for every Disney film that is showing. Of course, to truly enjoy California Adventure Park you need to take a ride on the fastest roller coaster in the world!

Besides the awesome rides and shopping options, there are some fantastic restaurants in the area as well. At Disney World and WDW’s Animal Kingdom, you have the option of dining at one of the restaurants at the Downtown Disney Area or dining at one of the restaurants in the buena vista street section of town. In Buena Vista Street, there is Pleasure Island Marketplace, where you can buy unique trinkets, foods, and beautiful fabrics; PIXAR Pier, a great place for dining as you watch amazing fireworks display; and World of Cartoons, which has a great restaurant and cartoon section. In fact, there are over 40 restaurants and bars at the four different PIXAR Parks.

If you have not yet been to Disneyland, it is time to learn about the different dining experiences available there. First, let’s start at the Downtown Disney Area. You can get great meals at the Buena Vista Lagoon Restaurant, where you will enjoy gourmet food from five-star chefs and then, for lunch, you can try the Junk Art Corner at Buena Vista Lagoon. You may also want to try the Five-Minute Cafe at Downtown Disney where you can enjoy a variety of sandwiches, salads, wraps, and tasty desserts. For dinner at the Buena Vista Lagoon Restaurant, you can try the Nuevo Latino de la Casona, Churros at La Cala, Churros at the Monorail, and Churros at the Buena Vista Lagoon Table & Shine.

On your way to Disneyland, you may want to stop by the Luna Lagoon, where you can soak up some rays and have fun swimming in the pool. Another great stop would be the San Diego Zoo, where you can see animals like the sloth bear and monkey, plus oodles of fresh fruits and vegetables. Other adventure destinations include the Mission Bay Park, where you can float down the river with your boat or go on an eco-boat tour. The Aquarium of the Pacific, also offers so much fun for the kids and the whole family. The Sea Life Park provides the underwater world with sharks, stingrays, octopi, and more and the Underwater Zoo is where you can get to see the oddest animals at the park – including stingrays that have been painted to look like penguins!