Islands of Adventure Attractions That My Kids Will Remember For the Rest of Their Lives

Islands of Adventure Attractions That My Kids Will Remember For the Rest of Their Lives

April 7, 2021 Off By Alissa Burris

Islands of Adventure Attractions That My Kids Will Remember For the Rest of Their Lives

Islands of Adventure is probably one of the top five family friendly tourist attractions in America. It’s fun for the entire family, not just the small ones that vacation at this particular park. Islands of Adventure is certainly one of the biggest family-friendly theme parks in America, literally. The amazingly themed lands, amazing rides, and some very good food make it one of today’s top ten parks in America. So even if you do not have a lot of money to spend on an adventure vacation, Islands of Adventure will still be one of your top choices.

The most obvious highlight of Islands of Adventure is the Islands of Adventure rides. Islands of Adventure rides are great fun for all ages. From the gentle Skyliner rides up to the thrilling roller coasters that are the trademark of Islands of Adventure rides. All of these adventures are designed to thrill and entertain. You’ll find that the rides at Islands of Adventure are some of the most exciting rides in the whole world.

For ages people have wanted to see Islands of Adventure, but it has never seemed to quite meet the expectations of people. That is until Disney got into the mix a few years ago. Now Islands of Adventure has become one of Disney’s best kept secrets. Not only does the park offer a variety of attractions for the whole family, they also offer a free adventure express pass for those who want to enjoy all that the Islands of Adventure has to offer.

The first roller coaster attraction that you should check out when you head to Islands of Adventure is the Dinosaurs From Jurassic Park. If you like dinosaurs you will love this awesome roller coaster. This is the only theme park ride that allows you to go inside of a dinosaur show! Plus the height requirement makes this ride extremely exciting, making it one of Islands of Adventure’s must have rides.

If your child has never been on a G-scale demolition derby before you should make this a priority in your kids vacation. It is one of the biggest attractions at Islands of Adventure and it is also one of their very expensive attractions as well. While on this tour you can expect to go through all kinds of different obstacles and see amazing things going on around you. Along with the demolition derby there are several other unbelievable adventures and attractions to be had when you visit the parks.

Speaking of adventures there is another great attraction at Islands of Adventure that you should not miss. In the Kong Skull Island thrill ride you will get your adrenaline fix with a giant animatronic skull. The ride is completely terrifying and it looks like something out of a horror movie. In the original version of this ride there were three elements that were used to create the frightening encounter. They were fog, lightning and the actual skull that rolled across the track.

The Kong Skull Island virtual line of rides gives kids a chance to experience the thrill of fear. The entire attraction utilizes the latest state of the art technology to create a completely terrifying experience for everyone who tries it. In addition to the ride itself there are several other attractions including the Savage Landette where there are photo opportunities with a real stingray and a Leopard Snapping Turtle and then there is the Escape from Pompeii where you get to experience the fiery surface of lava before being launched into the sky and flying through the air like a rocket. Then you are off once you land on the ground and can look around to see all of the sights there are to see before taking your passengers through the lovely open air scenery.

The above mentioned Islands of Adventure rides are just a small sampling of the many incredible things that can be found at Islands of Adventure. However, there is one more themed around Dr. Seuss that I would like to mention. There is called Dr. Seuss Landing and it is an interactive learning and production experience where your child will learn about colors, sounds, naming colors, creative writing and much more. This is another Islands of Adventure entrant in the expanding Pacific Rim of Family Fun and there are still more attractions coming up such as the soon to be opened Geckoland USA attraction.