Tourists’ Heavens

Tourists’ Heavens

June 7, 2021 Off By Alissa Burris

Tourists’ Heavens

Tourism is travel for business or pleasure; the art and science of inviting, accommodating, and enjoying tourists, the field of operation of arranging, catering, entertaining, and bringing tourists to see the beauty and attractiveness of a place. In modern tourism, a very broad concept has been evolved to include tourism management. It includes the processes that are involved in the selection of tourist groups, their stay periods, their destination, their traveling and living arrangements, and the entertainment they can enjoy at our place of visit. A wide variety of scientific factors are also involved here. They include climatic, demographic, economic, social and environmental factors.

Development of tourism management has given rise to the growth and development of tourism in different forms and arenas. In many countries like France, Italy, UK, US, China, Singapore, India, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, government policy has promoted the growth of tourism by creating conducive environment for tourists’ industry. This has led to the emergence of many new destinations and tourism operators. The success of these destinations and operators in attracting tourists have encouraged the government to take a broader and more encompassing approach in encouraging development and establishment of new destinations and resorts.

One of the major aspects of tourism development is the establishment of tourist destinations that appeal to every visitor’s taste and preference. These must be able to satisfy the varied requirements of tourists from the different walks of life. They should be places that are worth visiting and would encourage the return trip. A prime criterion of a good tourist destination is its being accessible to a variety of people. Good transport facilities, modern amenities, restaurants and hotels and recreational facilities for children are essential for ensuring that the tourists enjoy their stay.

Another factor that encourages the growth of tourists’ industry is the establishment of ‘hotel lobbies’. Hotels, inns, restaurants, lounges, and others provide accommodation to tourists. All these are well known places where people from different walks of life can feel at home. The business activities carried out in these establishments serve the dual purpose of satisfying the tourists as well as providing employment to locals.

There are many places that have emerged as popular tourist destinations and are well equipped to accommodate tourists from different parts of the world. Singapore, for instance, is a perfect destination for tourists from western countries as it offers all kinds of facilities for their stay. The country also has developed into one of the most popular places for recreation and relaxation. Its natural beauty, pleasant climate and various outdoor activities have all contributed to the country’s growing reputation as a great tourist destination.

Apart from Singapore, Thailand is another ideal destination for tourists looking to explore different cultures, natural environments, beaches and other things of interest. Thai people are warm and friendly and they make the tourists feel welcome. The infrastructure of Thai hotels and resorts is modern and up to the mark. The cuisine and food of the region is unique and different from the rest of the world offering something extra to the diners. The area is also famous for its wildlife, forests, temples, monasteries, wildlife sanctuaries and other attractions.

The coastal regions of Thailand are also becoming popular with tourists coming in large numbers. These are endowed with natural beauty and the natural environment is wonderful for relaxation and enjoyment. Some of the popular coastal resorts in the country include Phuket, Koh Tao, Haad Khom, Bophut, Hua Thanon and Koh Samui. These areas are blessed with scenic landscapes, breathtaking beaches, breathtaking mountains, crystal clear waters and rich marine life. They are also surrounded by rich tropical flora and fauna. Nature has bestowed on these areas its unique beauty and hence they have become very ‘in demand’ holiday destinations.

Other than these there are other important areas that offer tourists a wonderful experience of fun and excitement. These are Patong, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Ko Samui, Hua Hin, Koh Chang and Koh Racha. All these areas have been attracting tourists from all over the globe and are best known for their party atmosphere and non-stop fun. You will get your fill of adventure and fun when you plan to visit any one of the above mentioned tourist places.