Countries With the Most Public Holidays

Countries With the Most Public Holidays

July 21, 2022 0 By Camille Xiong

In Asia, Cambodia is home to the most public holidays with 28 in a year. Following closely behind are Sri Lanka and India, both with 21 holidays, and Cambodia, with 28 in a year. Trinidad and Tobago has 18 public holidays and Thailand has 16 in a year. In comparison, the United States has two public holidays and nine days off in a year. In Asia, however, holidays are spread out more, and some countries even have several public holidays in a single year.

In South Asia, the longest public holiday is Lao New Year, which falls during the same time as other South Asian countries. Laos celebrates this holiday during Lao New Year, which is known as Pimai and involves earth and water. Songkran is also celebrated during this period. In Singapore, while the population is largely affluent, it also boasts the fewest public holidays in Southeast Asia.

Sri Lanka is another popular country in South Asia, and has a rich and varied cultural heritage. It recognizes holidays for four major religions, but the majority of these are Buddhist in nature. Employees are paid double when they work on a public holiday. It’s important to note that, although public holidays can be an opportunity to travel, many places and museums close for the day, which can be a pain. Regardless of where you decide to travel, consider planning a mini holiday to take advantage of public holidays.

Spain, on the other hand, has several regional public holidays. In fact, each Canary Island has its own public holiday, with Tenerife celebrating it on February 2nd. Other regions include the Balearic Islands on March 3rd, La Palma on August 5th, and Fuerteventura on September 17th. And last but not least, the island of La Gomera celebrates a national holiday every year on May 17th.

Colombia ranks fourth in the world with 18 public holidays. This country is 90% Catholic, so it’s no surprise that most public holidays are religious. Twelve of the country’s 18 public holidays are called festivos (holy days) and are often subject to time shifts. Due to Emiliani’s Law, the majority of holidays are allocated to Mondays. The Philippines, with the same number of public holidays, ranks lower on the list.

Australia also has the most paid public holidays, with workers receiving 10 days off a year. The country ranks higher than other countries in the region, including Vietnam and Morocco, who offer their workers two weeks’ worth of unpaid leave. However, the number of holidays in Australia is less than in the United States. The summer months, when many Americans take vacation, are particularly brutal and require some careful planning. With this in mind, it’s best to plan for longer holidays during these months.