How Traveling Can Help You Stop Smoking

How Traveling Can Help You Stop Smoking

June 21, 2022 0 By Alissa Burris

It disrupts your smoking routine
Smoking is a habit. There are certain times of the day when you want to reach for a cigarette. Traveling breaks this schedule. You might be on a flight or a long road trip when you feel the urge to smoke. Smoking while in transit is prohibited on planes, so you obviously won’t be able to smoke. Most major airports also prohibit smoking such as the Los Angeles International Airport and the Vancouver International Airport. As a result, you’ll be breaking the routine – even if it’s just for a couple of hours. The more you travel, the more you’ll disrupt your smoking routine.

It takes away worry-driven smoking
Lung Saskatchewan reports that the urge to smoke is especially strong when you’re nervous. Most smokers turn to a cigarette to relieve stress, but traveling can be a great stress buster. Seeing beautiful scenery, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures are great distractions. While traveling does have its moments like getting lost in an airport or encountering issues with your bookings, for the most part, it is a lot less stressful than everyday life.

It makes you gravitate towards alternatives
You aren’t allowed lighters in airports as they are flammable. The hassle of always buying approved lighters or not knowing what type of lighter is allowed at airports is enough for most people to opt for smoking alternatives instead. CBC News suggests that nicotine chewing gum and lozenges are good options and are a safer method that tobacco.

Certain places have anti-smoking policies
Some travel destinations have smoking bans due to certain laws, culture, or religion. For instance, smoking in enclosed public spaces in Iceland is banned because of their respective laws. Pakistan is another country that prohibits smoking in all public places, including outdoors at bus and train stations.

To circumvent certain rules, there are plenty of alternatives like lozenges and nicotine pouches. In fact, Prilla claims that you can use nicotine pouches in public places like restaurants and transport. Just place it between your gum and your lip. Remember to dispose of it properly in a trash bin afterwards. If there aren’t any available, carry something with you like a tin or a disposable bag that you can put in the trash when you arrive at your next destination.

If you’re looking at traveling soon and want to wean yourself off cigarettes, maybe the time has come to finally kick the habit. And if you want some other recommendations for your journey, check out our post on Tips for Better Traveling for a better overall experience.