Fun Outdoor Games to Play With Your Kids

Fun Outdoor Games to Play With Your Kids

March 15, 2022 0 By Alissa Burris

When the weather is nice, there are many fun outdoor games you can play with your kids. Some of them are educational and some can be a lot of fun. Here are a few ideas. Set up a nature scavenger hunt. Or, use orange cones to create an obstacle course. Whatever you choose, the kids will love these fun games. The following are some of my favorites. You might even find one that you enjoy playing with your family.

Reverse hide-and-seek is a classic outdoor game that is great for groups of children. Each team has a number, and the person who is “it” must run around looking for the child who is hiding. If the ball lands inside, it lands on the person who is hiding. If they don’t find the child, they must quickly go back and try to catch it. Otherwise, the other team must race after them and catch them.

The classic block-stacking game, Jenga, is even better when played outdoors. This game requires 56 identically-sized blocks. Children take turns adding blocks to the tower, and the object is to knock down the tower before the other team does. Wooden Jenga blocks can be made at home, or you can buy a set with a carrying bag and the rules printed on them. The rules are easy to follow and will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Another popular outdoor game is Jenga. This game is a classic block-stacking game that’s even more fun when played outdoors. A large group can play this game, and it’s best to play it with wooden Jenga blocks. These blocks come with a carrying case and rules for playing. The rules are simple enough for even the youngest of kids. You can even make your own wooden Jenga blocks.

Relay race. This game is a fun activity for large groups. Divide each team into equal teams. Then, everyone races to the top of the toss. If it’s too hot, a dry erase board can be used. In this game, players sit cross-legged in a large circle. The person with the ball is then called “it” and must run back to the circle to catch it. The other players should stay in their spot.

Relay race. This game can be played with several people. Each team has a number, and the person who is “it” throws the ball up into the air. After the ball reaches the top, the other team members have to run away from the toss, but the person with the ball must catch it before they get hit. Afterwards, they must try to swat the other team members with the ball.