Top 5 Destinations for Solo Travelers Seeking Adventure

Top 5 Destinations for Solo Travelers Seeking Adventure

May 23, 2024 0 By Camille Xiong

Now get out of your comfort zone. Here, we are trying to sell you ice. Iceland is hot. Literally – but also metaphorically, for its people are friendly and accessible, even to those who speak very little English.

Lisbon, without a doubt, would also be worthy of consideration, since it could be explored on-foot as well, and it is a treasure trove of sightseeing activities, further strengthened by its safety, making it a perfect place for a traveller to commence their solo experiences.


The Land of Fire and Ice lets you walk so much closer to nature than in inhabited places. The Land of Fire and Ice offers so many different kinds of wonders of nature that one day is rarely long enough to sate the appetite of the nature-starved visitor. One day, you can take a hike along the rim of an active volcano. Another day, you can sink into a geothermal hot spring. Then, you can experience the majesty of glaciers, the rush of waterfalls, and the spectacle of volcanic eruptions.

Native Icelanders reportedly speak English and are generally very friendly, ‘so there is no reason to be shy about exploring the towns and nightlife alone’, according to Intrepid Travel. ‘In summer, you can spend 24 hours a day riding Iceland’s verdant scenery or dancing around at its many music festivals and unofficial “environmental festivals”’ (in May, there’s one celebrating earth month with a ‘gong concert’; in June, ‘Secret Solstice’ features Dizzee Rascal and Migos; in August, parties and concerts are scheduled against a wintertime backdrop for travellers in search of a ‘polar opposite’).

Costa Rica offers the perfect solution to anyone seeking to explore the world on their own: a country known for its surfer-dudes, laid-back lifestyle, gorgeous beaches and endless sunshine. Stroll through its rainforests tracking animals, then head to one of its dream beaches to lounge about – or, if you prefer, head to the coast to watch whales (humpback, minke, and fin whales can all be found here, enjoying the easy pickings in the winter months).

Thailand Travel to Thailand’s

Balinese-influenced tropical islands to relax on crescents of sand or snorkel over coral mounds. Koh Phangan is the epicentre of the psychedelic full moon party, while Koh Samui offers a thriving nightlife scene with bars and clubs.

For a more authentic natural experience, Koh Lanta tempts you with scenic viewpoints as well as waterfall exploration possibilities. Do not miss out on Koh Lanta National Park, a place filled with diverse wildlife and lush forests.

Chiang Mai is a great place to tour temples and museums; Doi Inthanon National Park lets you tour the cloud forest plus trek to remote villages at the parks’ base.

San Diego

This is the California solo experience at its finest. Stay at legendary Hotel Del Coronado or in a bedsit, but whatever you do, be sure to while away your San Diego days on Pacific Beach, or stroll through La Jolla, or visit the art museum at Balboa Park before heading south to Sunset Cliffs to hike the craggy bluffs and swaying surf of this scenic slice of California life.

For a cultural fix, explore the historic Gaslamp Quarter to understand its diverse brothels or Little Italy for food and wine tours. Temecula Wine Country attracts those in need of sipping and sampling.

From adventure tourists to beach loungers, these spectacular spaces can be reached directly with staggering ease from hundreds of cities around the world, and are ideal destinations for first-time solo adventurers who want to stretch their wings but still remain in the nest.

Copenhagen Solo

Copenhagen — it is very much a single traveller’s dream. Safe (delete that) friendly (delete that) welcoming (delete that), yet vibrant and exciting, with transport simple in any direction: cycle, or call on one of the ride-sharing services or the metro, which slings you efficiently to the major sites. Danes speak good English (indeed, if invited, very good English), and will almost certainly be happy to speak to you. Just bear in mind that Danes take personal space seriously. Don’t intrude until you’ve gauged their conversation tolerance.

Visit the colourful Nyhavn canal area, – situated alongside Christiansborg Palace with its sweeping rooftops – and visit the Little Mermaid Statue, a genuine photo opportunity. Then check out one of Europe’s brightest food scenes and cosiest cafes, while enjoying a culture with a lively hostel culture – solo travellers on a budget will love it here!


Dubliners know their city has ‘the craic’ (a good time) in spades, but the Irish capital has all the hallmarks of a good first solo destination too: the city is safe, walkable, and packed with culture.

The easiest time to visit Tokyo is in shoulder season (late spring and early fall): you might still get cheaper hostel or hotel rooms that aren’t uncomfortably full and you can see all of the big sites without thousands of other tourists.

Walk the UNESCO City of Literature but also stop in shops on Grafton Street and drain a glass of Guinness in the mighty Guinness Storehouse (Trinity College’s Old Library and Book of Kells is a good attraction to see, but you can’t spend half your time there as you did with the Book of Kells in 1996; do buy a queue-jump ticket – well worth it).